6 10 in which of the following substances is

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Unformatted text preview: de (H2 S)? 6. (10%) In which of the following substances is significant hydrogen bonding possible: (a) methylene chloride (CH2 CI2 ) (b) phosphine (PH3 ) (c) hydrogen peroxide (HOOH) (d) acetone (CH3 COCH3 ) 7. (10%) In the compound sodium methoxide (NaOCH3 ), the bonding is: (a) ionic (b) polar covalent (c) nonpolar covalent (d) a mixture of ionic and covalent (e) resonance stabilized 8. (10%) A carbon-hydrogen bond in ethane (CH3 CH3 ) is best described as: (a) highly polar (b) essentially nonpolar (c) ionic (d) a multiple bond (e) resonance stabilized 9. (20%) Indicate which of the following molecules could form hydrogen bonds with other like molecules in the pure liquid state. Figure 1: Hydrogen bonds in these molecules 10. EXTRA Problem. Identify the potential hydrogen bond donors and acceptors in the following molecules: Figure 2: Donor and acceptors 2...
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