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Unformatted text preview: internal job posting) – Problems? [100] Recruiting • External – – – – New bundles of skills and experiences 琐碎的 Non‐trivial costs related to search and on‐boarding Effect of market conditions Multiple sources (ads, internet, employment agencies, educational institutions, referrals…) • Quick question: Why do courses like MOS 3384 tend to emphasize selection over recruitment? Selection • Given a pool of suitable applicants, how do we make the decision on whom to hire? • Selection defined as matching process on [108]; in MOS 3384 we talk about getting the best available person for the job as the general objective of the staffing process • As a process, selection is continuous and follows the steps in Fig 4.3 [Question: why are the steps arranged in this particular order?] start froma large pool and gets smaller each step until we close and identify the most suitable people Selection • Data used in selection processes should have two key properties [109]: – Reliability: “the d...
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