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Unformatted text preview: egree to which interviews, tests, and other selection procedures yield comparable data over time and alternative measures” – Validity: “how well a test or selection procedure measures a person’s attributes” its unlike sports, hard to obvious difference, measure people for selection, lotes of constructs, the things we measure, there are psychological factors that IQ, personality, we can\t obvious, we measure these, we intersted in psychomatrics, these factors tell us how well we collect data and measure the data. Selection • Where does the data come from? – Application forms and resumes – The employment interview • • • • 1:1 Panel or group interview Telephone interview Internet in restaurant, on the tray. self info, education and shifts, experiences. people firing questions at you – Interview questions • Structured (BDI and SI) • Unstructured expresing intention, not goal setting structured better for potential, more reliable, BDI, behaviour, categorize how y...
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