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Unformatted text preview: ou handle your stress. SI, situational, give situations ask what will you do if you under these situations. sample questions, 1. tell me about a time when you had too much work to do and how did you handle it. Recall, describe past behaviour, ---- this is B, if people have lots of experiences, this favor Selection high looking forward, see what they have more memories, situational in practice, • you will do, quality of questions, not obviously correct answer. if there is, that\s just IQ Interviewer guidelines [1‐10, pp. 114‐115]. Highlights: – What about nonverbal cues? – Separate facts from inferences – Standardize questions • 114 there is a page the claim the evidence how come some tips, how the best so what Testing to do this? combain data from indivituals, – Cognitive ability to find average corrletion in the seperate facts from world, some are huge but some – Personality inferences---哲学 contain 500000 – Emotional intelligence body language are small.much higher...
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