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Unformatted text preview: • Definition [94]: elements: – Effective use of labour force – Right place and right time – …to help the organization achieve its goals So what? • Why seek women and immigrants to move into the drilling industry? [95] • What is succession planning, and why does a company like Sorin care about it so much? • How does Statistics Canada Data help HR planners? Some key terms • Forecasting and trends analysis • Staffing tables • Markov analysis (like a staffing table over time) • Skills inventories Results of the planning exercise • Too摩many workers (oversupply) 擦 – Attrition (natural departures of ees) 重新部署 – Job‐sharing, redeploy, reduce hours or pay – Termination • Too few workers (shortage) – Short term/ temporary? (work extra hours; hire part‐time staff) – Hire full‐time employees…recruitment Recruiting • Internal – Capitalize on investments made in current employees – Boosts morale – Reduce or eliminate training and orientation costs – Decision based on better data – Multiple sources (HRIS, succession planning,...
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