Private theories our sense of how the world works

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Unformatted text preview: ect it. –  We never really know how representaEve our experiences our, therefore we should probably treat our beliefs about people at work as hypotheses, and constantly update them in light of new evidence. Private theories •  •  •  •  •  Our sense of how the world works Commonsensical 常识的 Transparent 透明的 May be falsified, but we don’t tend to do so. 伪造的 Example: –  From a planetary moEon perspecEve, why do we experience seasons on the Earth? Rynes test •  What is the gap between management beliefs/ pracEce and the best of what we know about managing people at work, from the social sciences? •  30 quesEons: agree, disagree, it depends/ too close to call •  We’ll look at a subset of these quesEons now. Leadership •  An extroverted personality is the key determinant of...
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