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Sample items clear purpose do you believe that most

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Unformatted text preview: leadership effecEveness (3). Leadership •  An extroverted personality is the key determinant of leadership effecEveness (3). –  Outgoing personality is an asset for leadership; but intelligence is even more important –  Training contributes to effecEve leadership behaviours (Barling et al., 1996) 事实上不是这样的亲,智力更重要 而且训练也会对领导力有帮助 Integrity tests 正直 •  Although there are “integrity tests” that try to predict whether someone will steal, be absent, or otherwise take advantage of an employer, they don’t work well in pracEce because so many people lie on them (6). Sample items •  Clear purpose: –  “Do you believe that most people would cheat if they thought they could get away with it?” 含蓄的 •  Veiled purpose: –  “Do you think taking chances makes life more interesEng?” •  APA guideline...
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