Cipant reacons comparison against a baseline to

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Unformatted text preview: What are the con.ngencies for methods of training employees? •  How would you train under these circumstances? classroom instruction –  Where qualified instructors are scarce? –  Where trainees are located in remote areas? videoconfer encing –  Where cost and .me are important factors? learning E–  Where the goal is aitude change? Seminars and small group conferences Evalua.on •  •  •  •  easy to adminster what is really being measured here Par.cipant reac.ons comparison against a baseline to determine improvement Learning can trainees apply what was learned to work some specific approches to maximize 145 Behaviour (transfer of training) what is the result of training? Results Orienta.on •  Why bother? –  Lower turnover –  Increased produc.vity –  Improved mor...
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