Fy needs and criteria training design pretest

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Unformatted text preview: and development knowledge skills and abilities Systema.c approach •  Needs assessment: analysis, iden.fy needs and criteria •  Training design: pre ­test trainees, select training methods, plan training content •  Training delivery: schedule, conduct, and monitor training •  Evalua.on: Measure training outcomes; compare outcomes to and criteria Investments in training •  Conference board: $852/ee/yr in formal training • thinking: –  What does this amount get you? –  Why isn’t this amount higher? Risk –  Informal training •  Key ques.on: What is the link to organiza.onal performance? –  What are “soP” skills? interpersonal what are the links to engagement turnover Needs assessment •  Steps 1 ­4 on [136] are about iden.fying gaps between current an...
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