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Ves trainee readiness and movaon as precondions of

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Unformatted text preview: d required KSAs •  Conduc.ng a training needs assessment on [137] –  Two hours; adapted nominal group technique –  Might also use cri.cal incidents technique? triggers: phase 2 Design •  Formal statements of desired outcomes of training (=training objec.ves) •  Trainee readiness and mo.va.on as precondi.ons of learning –  +ve reinforcement; not threats/ punishments –  flexibility –  personal goal seing of par.cipants –  s.mulate interest; break down barriers to learning Learning principles feedbakc, from trainers and the trainees themselves use meaningfulness to connect training to prior experience Learning by doing vs learning by watching ----- aside on behavior modificationL •  Where do these eight principles come from?...
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