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Exam #1 Scientific Explanations are tentative, based on empirical obs., predictable and testable, and provide well defined natural cause to explain occ. Of natual event. Stars and Planets : stars use hydrogen as fuel. High temps. Stars fuse hydrogen atoms together= nuclear fusion and forms helium. When hydrogen is used up stars burn out. Violently=supernovas , Less violent=Sun, ends at carbon. When stars form, surrounded by disc of cosmic debris. Gravity pulls debris together=Planets. Heavy planets=close to star. Light planets=far from star. Stars and Planets form at SAME time. Big Bang=formation of universe, not solar system. Big Bang created hydrogen and helium. Hydrogen= 1 proton + 1 electron. Helium=2 protons+2 neutrons+2 electrons. 75% of universe is hydrogen/ 25% helium. Stars vary in size and age. Solar System : 8 planets, 4 Terrestrial =crust, mantle, core in layers=Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars. 4 Jovial =large gas, with many moons and rings=Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus. Earth, Sun and Seasons : season temp. changes due to tilt in earths axis and angle from sun rays. Tilt=23.5 degrees. Tropic of cancer and Capricorn are 23.5 N. and S. of equator. Wegener’s Hypothesis: proposed continental drift hypothesis=continents came together to form Pangea,
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