Solutions to Exam 1 with Teacher Corrections

Solutions to Exam 1 with Teacher Corrections - English Exam...

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English Exam 1 Due Friday, October 13, 2006 1. The Metamorphoses was written by the Roman poet Ovid in the early first century A.D. The selected quote is among the first lines of Ovid’s work, with Ovid himself narrating. It can be found in the section entitled “The Creation,” and rightly so, for this passage speaks of the formation of the universe as the Romans knew it. In the beginning, Chaos was the ruler (Was he the ruler or the state/condition?) of the universe. Chaos was characterized by general confusion and a lack of order, but Chaos was also the source of everything in the universe. Although not necessarily mentioned in this passage, Ovid repeats negative adjectives (Explain more precisely) to characterize this disorder associated with Chaos. Only when the Gods (“God”) , or Nature, come into play and create order can the universe truly develop. (They settle all arguments: significance?) In this sense, the passage is a celebration of rationality, for it emphasizes the triumph of order over discord. One of many changes throughout the Metamorphoses , this section deals with the transformation from Chaos to order. 9/10 3. This selection comes from Hesiod’s Theogony (Words and Days) , which dates back to ancient Greece around 700 B.C.E. This passage described Pandora opening her famous jar and letting all its contained evils into the world. Pandora (Explain that all the gods gave gifts to humans, and she was meant to be a curse. List some of the gifts.) was originally meant to be as punishment to humans for Prometheus’ theft of fire from Mt. Olympus. Each god gave her a special gift (List some of them) that was in some way characteristic of the stereotypes for women in ancient Greece. But, in her jar, they also put many evils such as old age, passion, greed, and sorrow. In opening this jar, Pandora releases these evils onto the world and only manages to trap one thing inside: hope (significance?) . Fortunately, she returns later and releases this one as well. Pandora was meant to be a punishment for men, and by making her a stereotypical woman, all other women are labeled as such. (What does this myth represent?) etiological? 8/10 4. This selection comes from the Bhagavad-Gita , a Hindu text that dates back to the first century A.D. (Also earlier, but okay). The plot revolves around a massive battlefield (more plot context) which is being surveyed by Arjuna and Krishna
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Solutions to Exam 1 with Teacher Corrections - English Exam...

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