01c MGT 353 Chap 1

Examples stockholders have an ownership interest they

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Unformatted text preview: es: Stockholders have an ownership interest, they expect to receive dividends and capital appreciation Customers are interested in gaining fair value and quality in goods and services they purchase Public interest groups advance broad social interests 1-22 Stakeholder Analysis – Question 3 What is the power of each stakeholder? Stakeholder power is the ability of a group to use resources to make an event happen or to secure a desired outcome There are 4 types of stakeholder power: Voting power Economic power Political power Legal power 1-23 Stakeholder Analysis – Question 4 How are stakeholder coalitions likely to form? Stakeholder groups often have common interests and will form temporary alliances to pursue these common interests Coalitions are very dynamic (can change at any time) Coalitions are increasing international Internet has enabled coalitions to form quickly, across political boundaries International alliances, coupled with media interest, can be a very powerful strategic force for companies 1-24 Stakeholder Salience and Mapping Salient – stands out from a background, is seen as important, or draws attention Stakeholders stand out (i.e., are salient) to...
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