04 MGT 353 Chap 4

Personal gain and selfish interest ethical egotist 2

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Unformatted text preview: tist”) 2. Competitive pressure on profits (“bottom-line”) 3. Conflicts of interest (“favoritism”) 4. Cross-cultural contradictions (“ethnocentric”) 4-13 Figure 4.3 Why Ethical Problems Occur in Business 4-14 Core Elements of Ethical Character: Managers’ Values Managers are key to whether a company and its employees will act ethically or unethically The values held my managers will serve as models for others who work at the company Differences in ethical stances of U.S. versus European (or Asian?) managers and employees Younger generation of managers more concerned about ethics/social responsibility A company’s CSR performance is a major factor when selecting a new employer for today’s graduating MBAs 4-15 Spirituality in the Workplace Personal belief in a supreme being, religious organization, power of nature or some other life-guiding force Organizations have responded to the increased attention to spirituality and religion at work by attempting to accommodate their employees Opponents of spirituality at work point to the myriad of implementation issues as grounds for keeping spirituality out of the workplace Issues include which religion should be...
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