04 MGT 353 Chap 4

Arise 4 4 ethical relativism concept which holds that

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Unformatted text preview: l Relativism Concept which holds that ethical behavior should be defined by various periods in time in history, a society’s traditions, the special circumstances of the moment, or personal opinion The meaning given to ethics would be relative to time, place, circumstance, and the person/s involved There would be no universal ethical standards on which people around the globe could agree 4-5 Business Ethics The application of general ethical ideas to business behavior In global businesses, we cannot accept the idea of “ethical relativism” We must have a comment set of ethical standards throughout a company 4-6 Figure 4.1 Observations of Unethical Behavior at Work 4-7 Five Key Reasons Business Should Be Ethical 1. To meet demands of...
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