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140128_MGT 353 2014 ISVNU Syllabus


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Unformatted text preview: e learning, and working on your class project. 4. Active participation in the case discussions during class, showing an understanding of the concepts illustrated by the text and the cases. 5. Active participation in the preparation and delivery of the final presentation reports during the last week of the course. 6. Attendance at all class sessions and arrival in class no later than five (5) minutes after the start of the class. a. Important Attendance Notes i. This 5‐minute allowance does not mean that class starts five (5) minutes after the scheduled start time. ii. Students must plan to be in class and ready for the lecture or activities at the scheduled start of each class. iii. The Teacher may give a surprise quiz during the first ten (10) minutes of class. Students not present at the beginning of the surprise quiz may not take the quiz, and will receive zero points on the quiz. Communications with Your Teacher: Check your email at least daily for messages from your Teacher. Keeping in touch with your Teacher via email is an absolute necessity if you are to succeed. If you are having...
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