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140128_MGT 353 2014 ISVNU Syllabus

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Unformatted text preview: y at Buffalo. He is studying Curriculum, Instruction, and the Science of Learning, in the Graduate School of Education. Paul's recent pro bono economic development and community service work includes: Pro bono Entrepreneur‐in‐Residence at the State University of New York, University at Buffalo, Baird Research Park Technology Incubator since 2003. President of the Rotary E‐Club of SOWNY (Southern Ontario, Canada, and Western New York, USA). 2004‐2005 Past President for 2010‐2011 and 2004‐2005 of the Rotary Club of Amherst East. 2007‐2013 Past Public Relations Director for Rotary International District 7090 (Southern Ontario, Canada, and Western New York, USA). Page 2 of 9 140128_MGT 353 2014 IS‐VNU Syllabus.docx All curriculum material protected by U.S. copyright laws. Unauthorized sale or reproduction is strictly prohibited. Keuka College 2013‐2014 Course Learning Objectives: After the completion of this course, students should be able to do the following. Student Learnin...
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