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140128_MGT 353 2014 ISVNU Syllabus


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Unformatted text preview: el. Textbook: Lawrence and Weber, Business and Society, Stakeholders, Ethics, Public Policy, 14th edition, McGraw‐Hill (2014) ISBN: 0078029473 Teacher’s Biography: Since 2012, Paul has been teaching business degree courses in Vietnam and China on behalf of Keuka College, Penn Yan, New York. Paul teaches Business Leadership, Operations Production Management, and Introduction to Business. Paul is teaching the Master of Science in Global Business course, Regional Business in the Pacific Rim, for Daemen College, Amherst, New York, in the spring of 2014. He will continue to teach for Keuka College in Vietnam in 2014, with courses including Business & Government Relations and Strategic Management, and Operations Production Management. Paul has helped some of the biggest and best‐known companies in the world improve their brands and their marketing campaigns. He is a turn‐around spet with a focus on profitable growth. He can produce results that increase revenues, reduce waste, and improve produ...
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