140128_MGT 353 2014 ISVNU Syllabus


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Unformatted text preview: ility impairments, emotional illness, or auditory impairments, speech impairments, mobility impairments, emotional illness, head trauma or medical conditions that substantially limit one or more major life activities as specified in the law. Specific accommodations will be decided on a case‐by‐case basis, in accordance with federal law, depending on the type and extent of disability. A copy of the full policy is available from the Academic Support Program, the Academic Dean, and the Division Chairs. Learning Outcomes – Keuka College Division of Business and Management Student Learning Goals: Undergraduate Program learning outcomes: In the following areas of competency, students will be able to demonstrate that they possess: Management competencies Knowledge of the functions of accounting, marketing, finance and management in a successful organization. The ability to apply knowledge of business concepts and functions in an integrated manner. Knowledge of the legal, social and economic environment of business. Knowledge of the global environment of business. Knowledge of...
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