140128_MGT 353 2014 ISVNU Syllabus


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Unformatted text preview: problems with an assignment, email your Teacher immediately or call your Teacher to discuss it before the assignment’s due date. Your Teacher will make time to meet with you if you request a meeting. Academic Expectations English Language Skills This course and the Business Management degree program focus on increasing English proficiency as well as business management skills. Students need to demonstrate strong English language skills to succeed in this course. Students should read all assignments carefully prior to class discussions. Here is one method: 1. First, if the reading is not in your textbook, then print out the readings so there is a copy of the reading to work with. 2. Then, using a dictionary, look up and write out (on the copy) the Vietnamese definitions of key words in the assignment. 3. Work through the assignment before class, so there is a general understanding of the reading. 4. Ask the Teacher about phrases or statements in the assignment that still are difficult to understand. 5. Write down what...
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