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01b BUS 444 Strat Man Syllabus

Humanresources v andothermaterial

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Unformatted text preview: ide a means for the student to integrate i. prior marketing, ii. operations, iii. accounting/finance, iv. human resources, v. and other material as a foundation for successful business management. Learning Objectives 3. Other business program and general education learning outcomes that are developed and reinforced: a) Critical thinking and decision‐making skills. b) Expressing oneself effectively in oral and written communications. c) Demonstrating quantitative and information literacy and problem solving skills. d) Ethical inquiry. e) Interconnectedness. 3 2/10/2014 Assessing Learning Objectives We will incorporate the following: • Exams. • Includes possible pop quizzes to confirm that you are reading the text in advance of lectures. • Quizzes. • Case Studies. • A Course‐Long Class Pro...
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