04b BUS 444 Chap 4

Via personal social networks some job candidates may

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Unformatted text preview: fficient condition for creating competitive advantage • Knowledge workers often are more loyal to their colleagues and profession than to their employer 4-23 How Social Capital Helps Attract and Retain Talent • Hiring via personal (social) networks Some job candidates may bring other talent with them Emigration of talent from an organization to form start-up ventures Can provide mechanism for obtaining resources and information from outside the organization 4-24 Social Networks: Implications • Social network analysis depicts the pattern of interactions among individuals and helps to diagnose effective and ineffective patterns helps identify groups or clusters of individuals that comprise the network, individuals who link the clusters, and other network members. helps diagnose communication patterns and communication effectiveness 4-25 A Simplified Social Network 4-26 Knowledge of Social Networks • Closure the degree to which all members of a social network have relationships with other group members. • Bridging relationships relationships in a social network that connect otherwise disconnected people. Structural holes 4-27 Knowledge of Social Networks Social networks deliver three unique advantages: • Private information • Access to diverse skill sets • Power 4-28 The Potential Downside of Social Capital • Groupthink a tendency not to question shared beliefs • Tendency to develop dysfunctional human resource practices. • Can be expensive in terms of financial resources and managerial commitment 4-29 Using Technology to Leverage Human Capital and Knowledge • Sharing knowledge and information Conserves resources Develops products and services Creates new opportunities 4-30 Electronic Teams: Using Technology to Enhance Collaboration • Electronic teams team of individuals that completes tasks primarily through e-mail communication. 4-31 Electronic Teams: Using Technology to Enhance Collaboration • Advantages of electronic teams have the potential to acquire a broader range of “human capital” can be very effective in generating “social capital” 4-32 Electronic Teams: Using Technol...
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