03 BUS 444 Chap 3

3 12 primaryactivitymarketingandsales associated with

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Unformatted text preview: in large lot sizes to minimize transportation costs. 3-12 Primary Activity: Marketing and Sales • Associated with purchases of products and services by end users and the inducements used to get them to make purchases Innovative approaches to promotion and advertising Proper identification of customer segments and needs 3-13 Primary Activity: Service • Associated with providing service to enhance or maintain the value of the product Quick response to customer needs and emergencies Quality of service personnel and ongoing training 3-14 Support Activity: Procurement • Function of purchasing inputs used in the firm’s value chain Procurement of raw material inputs Development of collaborative “win-win” relationships with suppliers Analysis and selection of alternate sources of inputs to minimize dependence on one supplier 3-15 Support Activity: Human Resource Management • Activities involved in the recruiting, hiring, training, development, and compensation of all types of personnel Effective recruiting, development, and retention mechanisms for employees Quality relations with trade unions Reward and incentive programs to motivate all employees 3-16 Support Activity: Technology Development • Related to a wide range of activities and those embodied in processes and equipment and the product itself Effective R&D activities for process and product initiatives Positive collaborative relationship...
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