03 BUS 444 Chap 3

The effectiveness of its lobbying activities 3 7

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Unformatted text preview: ria for lease versus purchase decisions D. The effectiveness of its lobbying activities 3-7 Value‐Chain Analysis • Support activities activities of the value chain that either add value by themselves or add value through important relationships with both primary activities and other support activities procurement, technology development, human resource management, and general administration. 3-8 The Value Chain Exhibit 3.1 3-9 Primary Activity: Inbound Logistics • Associated with receiving, storing and distributing inputs to the product Location of distribution facilities Warehouse layout and designs 3-10 Primary Activity: Operations • Associated with transforming inputs into the final product form Efficient plant operations Incorporation of appropriate process technology Efficient plant layout and workflow design 3-11 Primary Activity: Outbound Logistics • Associated with collecting, storing, and distributing the product or service to buyers Effective shipping processes to provide quick delivery and minimize damages Shipping of goods...
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