08 BUS 444 Chap 8

8 26 entrystrategies imitative new entry a firms

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Unformatted text preview: ical new product or highly innovative service that changes the way business is conducted. 8-26 Entry Strategies • Imitative new entry a firm’s entry into an industry with products or services that capitalize on proven market successes and that usually has a strong marketing orientation. 8-27 Entry Strategies • Adaptive new entry a firm’s entry into an industry by offering a product or service that is somewhat new and sufficiently different to create value for customers by capitalizing on current market trends. 8-28 Examples of Adaptive New Entrants 8-29 Elements of a Blue Ocean Strategy • Create uncontested market space • Make the competition irrelevant • Create and capture new demand • Break the value/cost tradeoff • Pursue differentiation and low cost simultaneously 8-30 Generic Strategies • Overall cost leadership Simple organizational structures More quickly upgrade technology and integrate feedback from the marketplace Make timely decisions that affect cost 8-31 Generic Strategies • Differentiation Use new technology Deploy resources in a radical new way • Focus Niche strategies fit the small business mold 8-32 Combination Strategies • Entrepreneurial firms are often in a strong position to offer a combination strategy Combine best features of low-cost, d...
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