08 BUS 444 Chap 8

Bank financing b public financing c venture capital

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Unformatted text preview: ced with A. Bank financing B. Public financing C. Venture capital financing D. Personal savings and the contributions of family and friends 8-10 Entrepreneurial Opportunities Start-ups • Current or past work experiences • Hobbies that grow into businesses or lead to inventions • Suggestions by friends or family • Chance events • Change 8-11 Entrepreneurial Opportunities Established firms • Needs of existing customers • Suggestions by suppliers • Technological developments that lead to new advances • Change 8-12 Entrepreneurial Opportunities • Discovery phase the process of becoming aware of a new business concept. May be spontaneous and unexpected May occur as the result of deliberate search for new venture projects or creative solutions to business problems 8-13 Opportunity Recognition Process • Opportunity evaluation phase involves analyzing an opportunity to determine whether it is viable and strong enough to be d...
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