08 BUS 444 Chap 8

And life 8 22 entrepreneurialleadership to achieve

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Unformatted text preview: vation Intellectual commitment to the enterprise Strong enthusiasm for work and life 8-22 Entrepreneurial Leadership • To achieve excellence, venture founders and small business owners must Understand the customer Provide quality products and services Pay attention to details Continuously learn Surround themselves with good people 8-23 Example: 10 Management Lessons 1. It’s all about perseverance 2. Understand the value of mentorship and teamwork 3. Stick to your niche 4. Stay on top of news that affects your clients 7. Communicate unwavering honesty and integrity 8. Stay on top of the curve 9. Take ownership in your clients’ success 10. Never stop marketing 5. Communication is key 6. Capitalization is crucial Source: Pierce, Sarah. “10 Management Lessons From a Young Entrepreneur,” www.entrepreneur.com. December 17, 2003. 8-24 Entrepreneurial Strategy • Best strategy for the enterprise will be determined to some extent by A viable opportunity, resources, and skilled and dedicated entrepreneurial team Other conditions in the business environment 8-25 Entry Strategies • Pioneering new entry a firm’s entry into an industry with a rad...
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