08 BUS 444 Chap 8

Of bureaucracy 8 33 competitivedynamics competitive

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Unformatted text preview: ifferentiation, and focus strategies Flexibility and quick decision-making ability of a small firm not laden with layers of bureaucracy 8-33 Competitive Dynamics • Competitive dynamics Intense rivalry, involving actions and responses, among similar competitors vying for the same customers in a marketplace. 8-34 Model of Competitive Dynamics 8-35 Why Do Companies Launch New Competitive Actions? • Improve market position • Capitalize on growing demand • Expand production capacity • Provide an innovative new solution • Obtain first mover advantages 8-36 Threat Analysis • Threat analysis A firm’s awareness of its closest competitors and the kinds of competitive actions they might be planning. • Market commonality • Resource similarity 8-37 Question Aircraft makers Boeing and Airbus have a high degree of __________ because they make very similar products and have many buyers in common. A. Dynamic capabilities B. Market commonality C. First mover advantages D. Equity funding 8-38...
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