09 BUS 444 Chap 9

3 the data and information generated are best

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Unformatted text preview: ent and regular attention from all levels of the organization. 3. The data and information generated are best interpreted and discussed in face-to-face meetings. 4. The control system is a key catalyst for an ongoing debate about underlying data, assumptions, and action plans. 9-15 Behavioral Control • Behavioral control is focused on implementation—doing things right • Three key control “levers” 1. Culture 2. Rewards 3. Boundaries 9-16 Reasons for an increased emphasis on culture and rewards 1. The competitive 2. The implicit long-term environment is contract between the increasingly complex organization and its and unpredictable, key employees has demanding both been eroded. flexibility and quick response to its challenges. 9-17 Building a Strong and Effective Culture • Organizational culture a system of shared values and beliefs that shape a company’s people, organizational structures, and control systems to produce behavioral norms. 9-18 Building a Strong and Effective Culture • Culture sets implicit boundaries (unwritten standards of acceptable behavior) Dress Ethical matters The way an organization conducts its business 9-19 Example: Wal‐Mart • A lot of Wal-Mart's success was attributed to the strong and p...
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