09 BUS 444 Chap 9

9 3 strategiccontrol strategic control the process of

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Unformatted text preview: national perspectives. 9-3 Strategic Control • Strategic control the process of monitoring and correcting a firm’s strategy and performance Informational, behavioral 9-4 Ensuring Informational Control • Traditional control system 1. strategies are formulated and top management sets goals 2. strategies are implemented 3. performance is measured against the predetermined goal set 9-5 Traditional Approach to Strategic Control 9-6 Traditional Approach to Strategic Control • Most appropriate when Environment is stable and relatively simple Goals and objectives can be measured with certainty Little need for complex measures of performance 9-7 Contemporary Approach to Strategic Control • Contemporary control system Continually monitoring the environments (internal and external) Identifying trends and events that signal the need to revise strategies, goals and objectives 9-8 Contemporary Approach to Strategic Control 9-9 Contemporary Approach to Strategic Control • Informational control Concerned with • Behavioral control Concerned with whether or not the whether or not the organization is “doing organization is “doing things right” in the the right things” implementation of its strategy 9-10 Question Top managers at USA Today meet every Friday to review daily...
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