Thus tumor progression khong and restifo nature

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Unformatted text preview: rogression. Khong and Restifo: Nature Immunology 3: 999; 2002 darwinian selection of tumor cells that are less express TRAs(immune can kill off those that express a lot) and thus immune system may aid this selection thus allowing escapes. Darwinian selection of tumor cells with low expression of class I MHCs-the three E’s * the tumor is not an immunogenic immune system making TGF beta Tumor express upregulate things worse. T cells and suppress antitumoresupression TGF -beta but an angiogenic factor Manipulation of Immune System to Treat Cancer B7 binds to the CD28 and thus cause more killing. doesnt work very well. can downregulate the B7 tumor cells does not have enough TRA the antigen. because of the darwinian selection. Transfection of tumor cells with B7 More dendritic cells. the tumor still didnt have enough TRAs. ` increase GM-CSF that increases APCs skip Role of Tregs in Cancer Tregs downregulate/inhibit the immune system. Takes out IL2 and starve effector T cells out competes the T cells. Treg Treg tumor burdened cells A lot more Tregs in the tumor burdened mouse int he healthy mouse. TGF-beta by angiogenic factor. BALB/c mice were injected with 1 x 105 4T1 mammary tumor cells. dLN= tumor draining lymph nodes nLN = normal lymph nodes of tumor free mice Darrasse-Jeze et al J Clin Invest V 119: Number 9 September 2009 number of Tregs in non-draining (ndLN) and draining lymph nodes of tumor inoculated mice getting rid of the regulatory T cells and thus survival is more sucessful in the antiCD25 the problem is that we can get a decrease in the tumor burden but you are once again TREGS negative. Original Article: Brief Report Chimeric Antigen Receptor–Modified T Cells in Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia David Porter , MD, Bruce Levine, PhD, Michael Kalos, PhD, Adam Bagg, MD and Carl June , MD use cytotoxic B cells. only have MHC2 and replace the T cell receptor with the antibody. will bind to a TRA in a B cell. took out the TC receptor. CD 19 is associated with B c...
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