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skip th2 phenotypes get rid of worms t helper 2

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Unformatted text preview: eases Th1 phenotype by inducing more IL-12 from macrophages, suppresses Th2 phenotype and increases Class I and II expression on APCs (it also increases MHC Class I on other cells). * skip TH2 phenotypes get rid of worms. T helper 2 primarily produces MBP MMCP = mucosal mast cell protease MBP = Major basic Protein, which can cause de- granula7on of mast cells (e.g. IgG) Immunology of TC Cells B7 and CD28 Interaction of CD40 and CD40L Th1 help may be most important in generating memory CD8 cells rather than in generating primary effector CD8 cells. skip 4-IBB is analogous to CD28 and is expressed by both CD4 and CD8 T cells. Both CD4 and CD8 cells can express CD40L. perforin allows clusters called granzymes which are enzymes, activate a caspase cascade involved in apoptosis. fast ligand on the t cell bind to fast on the virus cell and activates this process Caspase activation which causes apoptosis (TNF Family=trimer) FADD = Fas associated protein with death domain APAF-1 = Apoptosis Activating Factor one og 359 gets killing non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs:prototypical asprin. Prostaglans. inhibiting cycloastinase. Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Effects of NSAIDs decreases prostoglandins Inhibitory Kapa B can affect all the cytokines to prevent cytokin production to be release. coritcosteroids. caused by an increase in IκB (suppresses PLA-2) Corticosteroids also: 1. Reduce phagocytosis and killing by neutrophils and macrophages 2.Reduce expression of MHC II by APCs 3.Stabilize lysosomal membranes, leading to the release of less lysosomal enzymes everything in this slide. Summary of inflammanitory responses Via gamma IFN...
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