G proteins activate map kinase cascade big g proteins

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Unformatted text preview: Fs ace activity has GTPase. G proteins activate MAP kinase cascade. Big G proteins have 3 sub units. Alpha, beta gamma. MAny G actins cause a f actin. G protein goes to PLCbeta2 then IP3 and DAG cistine undeterminate amino and cistine cxcr4 two kinds of chemokine receptor. cxc and cc csc :cxcr4=hiv for chemotaxis * * cistine cistine favorite receptor CCR5 * * * favorite * favorite (5) Steps involved in chemotaxis to get chemotaxis need 4 molecules:Mucin-like CAMS(cellamusionn molecule), Selectins(with lectins), Integrins, IG-superfamily CAMS Have the Ig domains. intrachain disulfide bond with the loop. have a lot of beta pleated sheets. and loops mucin goes to lectin integrins go to Ig superfamilyCAM Mucin:protein cores skip * * * * * * * * skip Chemotaxis of a Neutrophil skip Roles of PECAM (CD31) and MMP monocytes converted into macrophages of DCs monocytes can be converted to DCs or can be converted to Macrophages based on different Roles of Macrophages in Innate Immunity and Inflamma7on Monocytes that infiltrate inflammed area can be converted into either Dendritic cells by GM-CSF and possib...
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