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Treg can kill th cells via perforin and granzyme b

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Unformatted text preview: an kill Th cells via perforin and granzyme B pathways (Treg may need to bind to target cells in order to exert their effects, though this is not certain) Treg induce the negative co-stimulatory molecule B7-H4 on APCs (unknown ligand on Th cells) (some of the above information comes from Zou 2006- Nature Reviews Immunology 6:295-307) PMN- =neutrophils-no inate response MAC- =macrophages Scid, RAG- mouse and no severe combined immuno deficiency. no b or t cels RAG T/B- no adaptive response Innate Immune Response and Inflammation Hogeman factor produced by the liver. is there in the body as well as the clotting factor and only when needed does it become activated endothelial layer. carbohydrates and glycoaminoglyicans. have a high negative charge. Activate Fibrin bclod. converting Fi rinogen to fibrin. then gets degrades by another cascade plasmin. Bradykinin(powerful molecule) activate pain fibers. violate cruel unusual punishment. degranulate mast cells-histamines epithelial has kerotinocytes activate dedritic cells and defensins Hageman factor is floating around and circulating in the blood but only activated when it is exposed to extracellular matrix. activates...
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