Activates complement 5 activates c1q wrong

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Unformatted text preview: complement 5 (activates C1q) wrong Phospholipase A2. Hogomin activates the cascade CD1 can present lipids. core is hydrophobic. 25 carbons and unsaturated arachidonic acid trans double bond. cis is cycloxygenase pathways and lipoxygenase pathway. prostaglandin can be the down stream effector of fever. asprin inhibits cyclooxygenase thus stopping fever. Leukotrine production and tops the bronchial smooth muscle contraction. (PLA2 can be activated by bradykinin) e.g. phosphatidyl serine e.g. phosphatyidyl choline A2 know know know asprin affects this pathway. Acetyl transferase know know + glutathione (cysteine, glycine, glutamate) fever inflammatory + hydrolase second fatty acid is call arachidonic acid. and cleaves it out and from the phosolipid. arachidonic acid leukokines Ufrgs.br (Plasmin?) (PLA2 in these cells may also be activated by bradykinin) activates compliment and breaks up the fibrin clot a Neutrophils appear showing up followed by macophages then lymphocytes. neutrophils are first to arrive then macro...etc controlled by the surface cells attracts them to the wall and so they they can leave the blood. skip * skip NOD (nucelotide-bin...
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