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Unformatted text preview: Sign binds with highest affinity to gp120 on HIV) skip (LFA3) Steps involved in ac7va7on of T lymphocytes skip HEV skip HEV skip HEV mucin rolling. chemokine binds to the chemokine receptor and activates the integrins to unfold.a nd then the integrins binds to the ICAM-1 and thus teather and then moved out and into the interstitial fluid lymphocyte is skip skip skip Naive, Memory and Effector T Cells effector memory is low in CD62L but central memory is high in CD62L Central memory express L-Selectin and CCR7, whereas effector memory cells do not express these molecules Scandling et al 358: 362-368, 2008 NEJM Central and effector memory Th and Tc cells May rely on CD28 to become reactivated. Effector cells rely less on co-receptors such as CD28 to remain active. Immunology of TH 1 and TH2 Cells how to get the naive t cell into the draining lymph node. in there by the way ccr7 in the dendritic cells into the lymph node. the T cells interacting. gamma interferon actives NK cells.increases T helper 1 phenotype by inducing more IL-12. T-bit CD34 has mucin induces DTH response favorite Gamma interferon also activates NK cells (NK cells also produce gamma interferon), incr...
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