Cytokines into macrophages by m csf albumin levels in

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Unformatted text preview: ly IL-4 or colony stimulating factor. cytokines. into macrophages by M-CSF. albumin levels in liver downregulate to acute-phase proteins. TNF causes the Fat, Muscle to be broken down. espec when the temp goes up and needs more energy. CAchectin high albumin levels normal is downregulated and acute goes Inflammatory cytokines produced by macrophages up when sick. replaced by it TNF alpha breaks down fat and muscle in order to get muscle Macrophages also produce various chemokines (e.g. IL- 8) skip Type 1 Interferons in Innate Immunity and Inflamma7on skip DC-Sign is a C-type lectin that binds ICAM-3 on T cells as well as mannose on microbes. Note that though it is a lectin it can bind to an ICAM as well as a sugar. * Efficient for microbial presentation; dense B7 expression Efficient for viral recognition- produce IFN alpha + beta skip (e.g. via oligoadenylate synthetase that causes viral RNA to be degraded) innate cells that kill viral cells NK Cells and Innate Immunity and Inflamma7on IL-12 comes from macrophages. How does NK...
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