If the cell is infected will express the virus and

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Unformatted text preview: cells mediate and recoginze. not very sure...Two receptors. seem to recognize conserved viral antigens. if the cell is infected, will express the virus and thus NK cells can recognize. can also Mic-as recognize possibly. Activating receptor that can tell if something that has changed. all these cells can express class 1. inhibitory receptor binds to the class 1 and thus shuts down the NK to shut down. want to downgrade of class1 so that cytotoxic t cells NK cells express wont regulate NK has 2 receptors class 1 and something on the pathway. you have one receptor that activates and one that inhibits CD16 (Fc receptor for IgG) and CD2 (adhesion molecule also found on T cells) will not bind if the inhibitory receptor. if then is down graded. less class 1 MHC and thus killing of the vial cell. but if down regulate class 1 and thus no killing. virus will downregulate class 1 so that t cells can't bind * *e.g. MIC- A and MIC- B (Class Ib molecules induced by HSP), or viral pep7des or normal cellular proteins whose glycosyla7on is altered by a virus. skip An7body Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity - ADCC skip Adap7ve Immune Response in Inflamma7on skip skip DC-Sign is a C type Lectin that binds ICAM 2 and 3 and to mannose on microbes (note DC-...
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