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Unformatted text preview: ress CCR5 as well as glycosphingolipid galactosyl caramide, which are HIV CCR5 variant. During sexual intercourse CCR5 variants of HIV are the only variants transmitted. This may be due to spermatozoa expressing CCR5 and a 160 kDa analog of CD4. In addition, epithelial surfaces of the rectum and cervix express CCR5 as well as glycosphingolipid galactosyl ceramide, which together allow the HIV CCR5 variant to be translocated to CD4 T cells and dendritic cells. CXCR4 variants arise in infected individuals by mutation. It kills off the T cells. and a number of people die CXCR4 not in their body. How does it get into the T cell. the cell first exposed to the virus is a dendritic cell, the means by which is shuttles to a draining lymph node. the virus can infect the dentric cell and then infect the T cell that bindes to it. or a ferry it and affect CD4 cells. or into a lymph node into the FDC and Wu and KewalRamani Nature Reviews Immunology 6, 859–868 (November 2006) | doi:10.1038/nri1960 Model for virus internalization, formation of virion channels, and transfer of virions from antigen-presenting cells to T cells at the virological synapse. Felts R L et al. PNAS 2010;107:13336-13341 ©2010 by National Academy of Sciences Lymphocyte is the blue, and the dentric cell has HIV and pouring into a CD4 cell Transferal of HIV from Dendri.c Cell to CD4 T Lymphocyte Clinical Course of HIV Infec0on acute retrovirus symptom in the 4-8weeks. measure this by RNA. After a period of time, ii Diagnosed HIV by Elisa. cant be known until antibodies will show. most people who die of opportunistic virus. int he first 4-8 weeks detecting viral DNA. BED asay. T cell decline causes antibodies goes down. BED Assay measures the ra.o of HIV IgG/Total IgG. With .me post- infec.on this ra.o increases. Normal CD4:CD8=2:1 but infected is switched not quite sure. the budding kills the cell. HOW HIV MAY KILL CD4 CELLS AND INFECTED HOSTS 1.  Aner all of this .me we are s.ll not en.rely sure how HIV kills off CD4 T Lymphocytes. 2.  Might be direct viral cytopathicity. 3.  4.  5.  6.  Might be destruc.on...
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