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The vector was linked to a cmv promoter which can be

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Unformatted text preview: reast milk is 5-20% (De Cock et al JAMA 283, 2000). Reduction in mother to child transmission of HIV can be around 90.0% if mother is given a single dose of nevirapine (NNRTI) at labor and the child is given a single dose of nevirapine within 72 hours of birth (Simpore et al, J Med Virol 2006, 78: 148-52) New types of an0- HIV drugs Raltegravir inhibits integrase (Elviegravir and MK- 2048 are two other Integrase inhibitors that are in drug trials) Maraviroc blocks CCR5 in t cells Fuzeon blocks gp 41 broadly introduced antibodies. injected in people and producing these broadly showing VACCINE DEVELOPMENT An.bodies produced in most individuals are against monomeric CD4bs found in blood and cannot neutralize CD4bs on trimeric HIV. seem to be not very antigenic There are a few individuals who have produced Nab to trimeric CD4bs. These an.bodies seem to have arisen from soma.c hypermuta.on. Vaccine research is acemp.ng to create gp120 structure that induces NAb. Sciencexpress Report July 8, 2010 10.1126, page 1- Wu…Mascola et al Wu et al 2011 Science Vol 333 15931602 in the ability to have a human immune system. * Humanized mice (strain NSG injected with human PBMC) were injected with an adeno associated virus (AAD) linked to gene sequences coding for a broadly neutralizing Ab to the CD4 bin...
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