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Nef vpu tat vpr is interesting p24 codes for the

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Unformatted text preview: o a founder effect. 7. M tropic (CCR5) versus T tropic (CXCR4) differs by Cytokines virus binds to these receptors The Structure of HIV Envelope cell. lipid membrane. it drags with it part of the hosts membrane. MHC class 1 molecules. in the middle is the genetic machinery only thing we care about is the joint protein and the GP120 and GP41 connected non covelantly. The genetic machinery by p24(gag) protein (gag=group specific antigen) Genomic RNA are proteins. Reverse transcriptase(p64) integrase (p32) and protease (p10) non nucleoside screw up the enzyme by binding to it and nucleoside transcriptase. Positive strand or sense RNA p24 (gag) gag= group specific antigens gag pol env envelope gene codes for cd160 to cut to 120 and 40 pol intergrase polymerase and protease gag envelopes the genetic machinery to protect it. nef, vpu, tat vpr is interesting p24 =codes for the glycoproteins (gp) ymerase intron VIF degrades APOBEC (related to AID. APOBEC converts C to U in viral cDNA, inactivating it. deactivating vif seriously reduces the production of HIV. aprobec Role of VIF in HIV replication deactivated vif Casartelli et al JEM 207: 39-49, 2009 skip Role of Rev in HIV replica.on * * skip Northern Blot Analysis of RNA transcripts in the presence and absence of Rev N = nucleus C = cytoplasm skip Infec0ous Cycle of HIV both RNA are identical positively sensed. Tulip like structures cause gp120 and gp41 gp120 is the CD4 binding site (b12, VRC01m HJ16 CD4BS) Vulnerable T change in the gp120 binds to the CD4. GP41 causes fusion to the lycoproteins causes a confirmationalargets for Poten0al Vaccines on the Trimeric HIV Envelope Spike Gother cells (gp120 and gp41). GP120 binds to CD4 cells, class 2 MHC. makes a confirmational change. CCR5 are the chemokine receptors in the host cells. that leads to the the fusion of the viral cell and the host and attac...
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