Vely an sense stranded dna then rna is degraded and

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Unformatted text preview: hes it to CCR5 by gp120. by CD4 and CCR5 (CD4bs) MPER = membrane proximal external region Koff WC, Berkley SF. N Engl J Med 2010;363: LEARN THIS SLIDE!!!!!********* gp120 binds to CD4- this causes a conforma.onal change that then causes gp120 to bind to CCR5 or CxCR4. CCR5∆32 +/+ individuals (1% Caucasians) are resistant to HIV infec.on (CCR5∆32 is found mostly in Northern Europeans and may have been selected due to resistance to small pox). Heterozygous condi.on for CCR5∆32 is present in around 10- 20% of Caucasians and slows progression to AIDS Once binding to the chemokine receptor occurs, gp41 then causes fusion of virus with cell Membrane. defective CCR5. HEterozygous condition for CCR5 delta 32 is present in about 10-20 of northern caucasions slow process of transformation to AIDs. born without CCR5 are immune to HIV. protease cuts up the precursors to viral DNA. RNA is + stranded; RT produces nega.vely (an.- sense) stranded DNA, then RNA is degraded and sense DNA (+) is produced Nascent protease can cleave itself while attached to the gag/pol complex gag/pol draws together two strands of +RNA The budding off can kill the host cells. Budding of HIV from Infected Cell CCR5 and CXCR4. CCR5 bind to either macrophages or CD4 cells. antropic but doesnt only bind to macrophages. Tropic virus. the predominately, both sexual transmission is CCR5 and not at all CXCR4 why is CCR5 the only one translated whil having sex. CXCR4 is nonsexually. m tropic binds to CCR5 to macrophage and T tropic binds to t cells. HIV is a T helper cell. CCR5 and CXCR4 Types of HIV CCR5 variant (so called M tropic) can bind to both CD4 cells and macrophages, whereas the CXCR4 variant only binds to CD4 cells. The sperm is carrying CCR5. the epithelial surfaces in rectum and cervix exp...
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