Tlr 2 has intro and extra binding sights lectins an

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Unformatted text preview: h2 cell), master regulators cytokine envinronment dictated by APC Signal 1, 2, 3 signal 1 CD80 CD86 signal differentation is really calling the shots come from an antigen presenting cell DC-T cell interaction when it detects a pathogen the Toll like receptor and the PRR. TLR 2 has intro and extra binding sights lectins an innate cell uses different TLRs to relay an appropriate signal of T cells purified apc population and an antigen and then to mimic activation 1 and 2. and then we now do it in vivo relevance. cytokines comes from APCs what kind of receptor(TLRs) TLR 2 is peptidogylcan TLR4 is LPS Depending on which TLRs are engaged than that will tell which cytokines to be produced Secrete Naive cell takes take IL12 to become Th1 Th1 Tbet IFN-gamma Macrophages to secrete IL12 IL12 to create feedback loop by Il4, 5, and 10 that turns on GATA3(Th2) IL-4, IL5, IL-13 Th2 Cell Targets Effects 1. Macrophage activation 1.  MΦ activation 2. phagocytosis 2 MHC expression 3. .  Phagocytosis 3 IgG2a 4. .  MHC expression 5. .  IgG2a 4 CTL activation 5.  CTL activation 1. .Eosinophilia 1   Eosinophilia 2. Mast cell degranulation 2.  Mast cell 3. IgE, IgA degranulation 4. Goblet cell activation(mucus 3.  IgE, secretion) IgA 4.  Goblet 5.Peristalsis cell activation (Mucus secretion) 5.  Peristalsis (ADCC) antibody dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity IgE. IgE bind to the worm and then the constant region is read by eosinophil and then degranulation occurs The Th1/Th2 Balance Th1 and Th2 antagonize each other either have one or the other APCs are in control IL-12 inhibit each other will never be turned on at the same time. How APCs call the shots… Protazoan Il-12 signal 3?? Leishmania major signal 1, 2 Immature DC IL-12 Th0 (intracellular protozoan) cascade amplification IL-12 perforins granzymes phagocytosis IFN-gamma Th1 Tbet STAT1 TCR MHC2 CD25 and CD80/86 Encountes mice treated with anti-IL 4 antibody untreated mice What kind of response would you hope your DCs initiate if it encountered a helminth? Schistosoma mansoni Immature DC Signal 1, 2 Signal 3 IL-10 Th0 (extracellular helminth) Th1 is for bacteria virus and intracellular Th2 is for worms and parasites TH2 Eliciting the appropriate cytokine response is critical! Schistosoma mansoni Appropriate cytokine response Th2 Inappropriate cytokine response T...
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