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Unformatted text preview: matopoietin) ③  Class II cytokine receptors (IFN) ④  TNF receptor family ⑤  Chemokine receptor family Class I cytokine receptors (hematopoietin) class 2 does not have the repeat motif in the WSX. has conserved cysteines WSX w=triptophane SX any amino acid affinity is based on how many dimers The IL-2R: A classic hematopoietin receptor typical. AKA? alpha chain is also called CD25 A cytokine binds its receptor…now what? Class I (hematopoietin) and Class II (interferon) cytokine receptors 1. JAKs associated with cytoplasmic tail 2. cytokine binding, dimerization, P-receptor 3. STATs bind p-receptor, JAKs then P-STAT 4. STAT goes into the nucleus and starts transcribing. sh2 domain JAK – protein tyrosine kinase (non-covalently associated with cytoplasmic tail) Janise Kinase(just another Cytokine binds to a class 1 or 2 receptor. kinase) JAK-STAT interactions Different JAKs Different STATs Stats can heterodimerize Why would you want all these combinations? Thus far… ¨༊  Defined cytokines ¤༊  How they can communicate with other cells ¤༊  General characteristics of cytokine signaling ¨༊  Examples of innate and adaptive cytokines ¨༊  Subgrouping of cytokines and cytokine receptors ¨༊  Downstream effects of cytokine binding its receptor Now onto the fun stuff! ¨༊  The consequences of cytokine production ¤༊  T helper cell differentiation ¤༊  Orchestrating the appropriate immune response to deal with a particular pathogen ¤༊  Therapeutic uses for cytokines and anti-cytokine antibodies A Little T cell Review Molecular Markers CTL cytotoxi t lymphcytes CD8 CD8+ Recognize MHC class 1-peptide CD8+ Recognize MHC class Ipeptide CD4+ Recognize MHC class II-peptide CD4 Thelper helper t cell General Function Kill virus infected cells (intracellular bacteria Kill virus infected cells (Intracellular bacteria) Stimulate Ab production/class CD4+ • Stimulate Aof cells switching Induce recruitment b production/ Activate other cell Recognize MHC class II - class switching peptide • Induce recruitment of cells •  Activate other cell populations Cytokine Transcription Environment Factor IL-12 IL-12 Naïve Th0 IL-4 and IL5 (IL-10) IL-4 & IL-5 (IL-10) Tbet (STAT1) T helper Subsets Tbet (STAT1) induce naive cell to differentiae into T helper 1 cell GATA3 (STAT6) GATA3 (STAT6) Thelper 1 cell Tbet(TH1) and Gata3(T...
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