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3 cdrs per alpha chain become the paratopeantibody

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Unformatted text preview: chain. become the paratope/antibody. the only difference is that it is more complex because it binds to the MHC and the anitbody. 3 cdrs for the alpha and 3 for the beta mhc. CDR 1 and TCR binding to Class I and processed Ag. CDR 1 and 2 of β chain are light and dark blue, respectively. CDR 1 and 2 of α chain are light and dark purple. CDR 3 α chain is yellow; CDR 3 β chain is green. HV4 of β chain is red. mch1 3 1 3 1 2 2 In b, CDR 1 and 2 of alpha chain lie over amino end of bound peptide and alpha 2 of MHC I whereas CDR 1 and 2 of beta chain of TCR lie over carboxy end of peptide and alpha 1 of MHC I....
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