D1 is mostly responsible for binding to mhc ii at

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Unformatted text preview: es you receptivity. once the t cell binds and cements that interaction α  chain is pink, β  chain is white. D1 is mostly responsible for binding to MHC II at beta 2 site. Alpha chain is white, Microglobulin is pink CD8 binds to alpha 3 and partly to the base of alpha 2 drug in phase 3 blocks pd1. antiregulators Trail-R is negative regulator. CTLA4, when you have an activated T cell. the CTLA 4 binds to the CD28. and shuts down the T cell. PD1 another negative regulator. it is a receptor on the T cell. when a ligand binds to it it shuts down the T cell. ? CD28, ICOS (Th2- ICOSL), OX40 (OX40L), 4-IBB (4-IBBL) (positive regulators) CTLA4, PD-1,TRAIL-R* (Tumor necrosis...
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