Isolate the membrane from the t cell and then treat

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Unformatted text preview: bound. Isolate the membrane from the T cell and then treat it with detergent to get the protein off. put it in a goat and have it be immunized against these proteins or whatever the detergent broke up. so it could be cd28, TCR etc. skipped Clonotypic Antibody Purification of TCR Antigen APC Haplotype Clonotypic Ab IL-2 Secretion by T cells (units/ml) OVA H-2d - 2000 OVA H-2d + 5 __ H-2d - 5 OVA H-2k + 2000 Kuby et al 5th edition- Immunology Structure of a clonal typic antibody. 3 cdrs per alpha...
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