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Skipped xx superantigens bacterial super ags bind to v

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Unformatted text preview: ounts of tryptophan). CTLA4 binding to CD 80 or 86 also decreases IL-2 production and can induce T cell anergy. skipped XX βα superantigens Bacterial Super Ags Bind to Vβ CDR1 and 2 and HV4 Viral super Ags bind to Vβ + HV4 skipped * An example of a superantigen is an exotoxin produced by Staphylococcus aureus (toxic shock syndrome superantigen) the reaction of lymphocytes or antibodies with alloantigens. Explanation of alloreactivity Class 1 and class 2 is going on cd 4 and cd 8 are affected. they are going to shed the foreign peptide. the host apc cell processes it and skipped * One- way mixed leukocyte reac/on measures differences between MHC II alleles skipped * Cytotoxic mixed leukocyte assay measures differences between MHC I alleles...
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