Cd1 is presented by dcs monocytes and thymocytes and

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Unformatted text preview: lass I molecules. CD1 is presented by DCs, monocytes and thymocytes and epithelial cells. CD1D associated glycolipds can be recognized by NK- T cells, which have an invariant alpha chain and only three beta chains and neither CD4 nor CD8. skip Structure of CD1 molecules compared to classical Class I. antigen processing andogenus and anddrogenus. class 1 is the surroundiung it, Antigen Processing skip two pathways and the is a third called cross pathway ubiquitin is in every cell. proteozome then class one endoginous. MHC1 mechanism (i.e. PA 28) skip Interferons increase the presence of proteases that cleave peptides at hydrophobic residues. Proteasome activation by PA28 (induced by gamma IFN) TAP = Transporter associated with Antigen Processing View of TAP on ER luminal surface. Note pore in figure a. self protein to present class 1 molecules Class II Processing green enveriant chain prevents peptide bonding. skip Class 1 restricted cytotoxic T cells as well as Class 2. class 1 expresses cd8 and class 2 expresses cd4. c...
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