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Class i hla a 580 b 921 c 312

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Unformatted text preview: 580 B 921 C 312 Class II A1 DP 23 DQ 34 DR 3 B1 127 86 577 DR is a heterodimer a beta alpha chain 6 loci want to match both chromosomes in both donor and recipient bone marrow is only for HLA-C outbred because your offspring will be more fit. Genotype Serotype A *0101/*0301 B*0702/0801 DRB1*0301/*1501 A1,A3,B7, B8,DR3, DR15,DQA5, DQA1,DQB2,DQB6 DQA1*0501/*0102 DQB1*0201/*0602 For organ transplants test mostly HLA- A, B, DRB. HLA- C is checked for bone marrow transplants. HLA DQ is someSmes checked for solid organ transplants. we dont check C because it is not immunogenic. and DRA and DP as well BALB.C^d H-2^d Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 form a satillite structure(class I) alpha and beta form a class II alpha 1 and alpha2 and Beta 1 and Beta 2 form satellite andogenous class I Beta 2 are invariant Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 are where the process way of expression alpha 3 binds to Alpha 2 and gives stabilization alpha 1 gives the wall and f...
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